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bending sheet metal
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  • ...offers metal working services for small serial and serial production. Services: CNC punching; CNC bending; CNC turning; CNC milling, cutting with band saw; welding; flat polishing; rolling of sheets.
    Supplier of: Industrial sheet metal work | Bending - steels and metals | cnc sheet metal work | Milling - steels and metals | Steels and metals - machining
  • Gemtec is a full-service provider in the main sectors process automation, special machinery and plant engineering as well as metalworking. We have been accompanied complete production workflows from...
    Supplier of: bending sheet metal | Automation - advisory services | Engineering - industrial contractors | Industrial furnaces | automatisation of special machines
  • ...precise laser cutting of steel metal sheets, construction metal sheets, stainless and aluminium sheets. High performance in metal sheet bending is guaranteed by the applied innovative CNC steering system...
    Supplier of: sheet metal bending | sheet metal cutting | Milling - steels and metals | metalworking | laser cutting
    Saint-Petersburg - RUSSIA
    ...We have a laser cutting machines, sheet bending machines, puching machines, turning lathe machines. The price depends on such a factors like, for example, a metal properties, thickness, technological...
    Supplier of: sheet metal bending | sheet metal cutting | sheet metal punching | Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Screw cutting - steels and metals
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  • Sheet metal, aluminum, stainless steel, metal pipes, metal profiles custom fabrication from technical designs to final product bending, welding, cnc laser cutting machinig, stamping, assembling
    Supplier of: Industrial sheet metal work | sheet metal bending | custom sheet metal fabrication | sheet metal laser cutting | sheet metal welding
  • ...cabinets, - Euro-hooks.We offer the following services: - powder coating, - laser, - sheet metal bending, - profile bending- wire bending, forming, welding, - stainless steel welding, - sheet metal punching.
    Supplier of: Shop fittings | manufacturer of shop furniture | manufacturer of shop shelves | displays | metal cabinets
    La Loggia - ITALY
    We provide sheet metal bending up to 6x10 m.
    Supplier of: metal bending | Boilermaking, heavy | crane assembly | sheet cutting | overhead travelling crane
  • ...comprehensive services in sheet metal processing including services such as: cnc cutting (gas, plasma, laser and water cutting), bending and folding. Our services: - Laser sheet metal cutting up to 4000 x 2000 mm, thickness 25 mm - Plasma sheet metal cutting up to 6000 x 2000...
    Supplier of: Bending - steels and metals | Cutting - steels and metals | Folding - steels and metals | metal products and small parts | sheet cutting
  • ...and curved metal, it works with sheet metal for use in the building trade and sells parts for tinplate making. It is in particular an expert in prevarnished sheet metal bending and calendering and also works...
    Supplier of: bending and calendering of prevarnished sheet metal | Boilerwork | key-pattern sheets | bespoke machining | zinc coated prevarnished metal
  • We have at our disposal equipment for various processes such as pipe and sheet metal bending, welding, molding, sandblasting, laser and plasma cutting, CNC turning and CNC milling.
    Supplier of: Metal structural work | Laser - cutting and welding machines | turning and metal milling | metalworks | industrial machine construction
  • ...B.V. specialises in bending profiled sheet metal and is able to bend countless different types of profile sheets into every possible radius. Other Dupral products include sandwich panels, cassettes, corner sections and...
    Supplier of: Bending - steels and metals | aluminium sheet bending | Steels and metals - machining | edge beads | metal products and small parts
  • ...includes: •laser cutting of sheet metal, laser engraving •services using punching machine •powder coating •sheet metal and pipe bending •MIG and TIG welding of black and stainless steel •railings and fences •exclusive fireplace accessories •various types...
    Supplier of: sheet metal products | Industrial building construction | railings | fences | metal products made of stainless steel
  • Locksmithing: CNC cutting, bending sheet metal, bending plates, cutting sheet metal, cutting through, making holes in metal sheets, perforation plates, welding TIG.
    Supplier of: Turning - steels and metals | Milling - steels and metals | Ship equipment | Screws | manholes
  • nonstandard metal stamping, sheet metal working, sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting service, safety glass testing equipment, metal bracket, sheet metal bending, sheet metal forming etc. Qinhuangdao Yuanchen Hardware Co., Ltd. is special in metal...
    Supplier of: Copper and iron hardware and fittings for furniture | sheet metal fabrication | metal stamping | laser cutting service
    Lutsk - UKRAINE
    .); Sheet metal products (plasma cutting, bending, welding works, creation of metal structures); 3D printing (printing of various plastic parts). Our company is a production and commercial enterprise "TD Nika-Avto" Ltd. engaged in metal working...
    Supplier of: Finished Metal Products | plasma cutting | sheet metal products | metalworking | 3d printing
  • ...mark enables: CNC turning, milling ja drilling, sheet metal cutting with guillotine, sheet metal bending, TIG and MAG welding (stainless steel), profile material cutting with semi-automatic saw, surface...
    Supplier of: Welding work - steels and metal | designing and manufacturing container stations | heating equipment installations | piping and devices installations
  • ...we control: cutting of steels awing of profiles bending of sheet metal machining after gas/plasma cutting welding of metal constructions and different details galvanizing, priming and painting machine...
    Supplier of: Machine tools, metal shaping - parts and accessories | cnc controller | dsp controller
  • ...and garage door. Kooperativa vod offers metal production for agriculture such as special shovels, pulleys, sheaves, chains, than metal sheet bending and cutting and metal parts production on customer request.
    Supplier of: Poles, metal | metal poles and pillars for the building trade | door frames
  • ...grinding, gear making, sheet metal bending, thread rolling, hardening, MIG/MAG, welding, design and production of stamps, spring making.Competitive advantages: flexibility, high quality,...
    Supplier of: Steels and metals - forming and cutting | metal stamping | laser cutting
  • ...number of machines for processing sheet metal and offers manufacturing services for laser cut, bended and welded sheet metal parts. Liming Plus is a sister company of Oprema Strojevi d.d. which employs over...
    Supplier of: Industrial sheet metal work | stainless steel sheet products
  • ...of experince, professional in sheet metal fabrication sector, we work for wide range of sectors like defense, medical devices, lighting, automotive, technological systems, urban design with the capabilities of sheet metal...
    Supplier of: Industrial sheet metal work | custom sheet metal fabrication | custom aluminum works | stainless steel works pipes tubes | cnc laser cutting bending stamping machining
  • grain dryers, industrial ovens, filters, all sorts of heat insulated panels. We also carry out the following work: laser cutting, digitally controlled punching, digitally controlled sheet metal bending.
    Supplier of: galvanized sheet bending | Boilerwork | laser cutting conversion centres | filters | window frames
  • Stainless steel frameworks, light-, medium- and heavyweight, drop-forging, bending, calendering, welding, sheet metal assembly, profile bending and tank construction.
    Supplier of: Boilers, stainless steel | stainless steel machining | cisterns | cnc punching | sheet and pipe work
  • Our main services include: laser cutting, water jet cutting, CNC metal sheet bending, welding, MIG/MAG, stainless and acid-fast steel grinding, tubes, rods, flat bars and angle bars grinding.
    Supplier of: Cutting - steels and metals | laser cutting | steel processing | metal stamping | metal machining
  • ...metal punches, tools for cutting and bending metal sheets and wire, diferent technological machines and equipment, metal goods, metal constructions. We turn, mill, drill, grind, cut with spark wire, harden and...
    Supplier of: Steels and metals - forming and cutting | Steels and metals - machining | Moulds, plastic and rubber industry
  • manufacturing of high quality metal products, designed to meet the wishes and requirements of customers. We also produce electrical cabinets, perform CNC punching, cutting and bending of sheet metal ...
    Supplier of: Steels and metals - surface treatment and coating | systems and machinery for anodizing metals | titanium anodizing racks
  • ...materials such as bending, crimping, sheet metal drawing. It can also be used for straightening, pressure assembling, grinding wheel forming, cold extrusion of metal parts, pressure molding of plastic and...
    Supplier of: Forges - machinery and installations | hydraulic press machine | four column hydraulic press
  • ...based in Estonia, that specializes in manufacturing a variety of metal constructions, building constructions, cutting of sheet metal, bending, welding, producing of boilers, tanks, tubes, conveyors.
    Supplier of: Pipes and tubes, stainless steel | steel construction | building construction
  • ZAPÈ: experience as solid as steel. A qualified company operating worldwide and specialising in moulding of dished-end plates for all types of tanks and metal containers. Zapè's work includes: cold...
    Supplier of: sheet metal embossing | metal bending | aluminium sheet bending | galvanized sheet bending | iron sheet bending
  • WARNY was founded in 1961 in St-Vith in Belgium.WARNY specialises in: sheet metal work of all types, steel, stainless steel and their alloys; cutting, stamping, forming, folding and welding, spot...
    Supplier of: Industrial sheet metal work | Bending - steels and metals | sheet metal embossing | aluminium sheet metal work | steel sheet metal work
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