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  • Holch has been manufacturing inert gas welding torches and spare parts since the 1970s. Our future-oriented strategy and steady, targeted development of our MIG-MAG and TIG welding torches make us a...
    Supplier of: gas nozzle | gas blowtorch | Welding, soldering and brazing - equipment and supplies | Welding robots | accessories for welding
  • ...inlet casing, jet nozzle, etc.Series 4: Gas turbine, steam turbine partsTurbine wheel, guide vane, compressor wheel, gas and steam turbine blade, etc.Series 5: Oil, gas, chemical, pump, compressor partsPump impeller, close...
    Supplier of: Casting, steel | stinless steel | super alloy | vacuum casting investment casting | turbine wheel compressor wheel
    Istanbul - TURKEY
    ..., manuel brazing torches, nozzles, Oxy Gas-MIG-TIG Welding gas regulators, gas distribution systems and Process Safety equipment (flashback arrestors and check valves), Aluminium-Stainless...
    Supplier of: Brazing - equipment and supplies | brazing consumables rod wire paste fillers flux liquid flux | brazing automation equipment | brazing subcontracting | brazing consultancy
  • ...tip holder, swan neck, welding nozzle, gas diffuser, welding liner , teflon liner, cable plug , euro connector , panasonic connector, otc connector, insulatr , feed roller , protective paste , wire feeder, wire feeder motor,...
    Supplier of: Welding, soldering and brazing - equipment and supplies | mig welding | tig welding
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  • ...has international advanced level of sonic nozzles of gas detection devices, real-flow calibration of flow can be achieved 8000m3 / h, with an accuracy of 0.25%, has been declared National Laboratory...
    Supplier of: Flowmeters | gas flowmeters | china professinal flowmeter manufacture
    Jamnagar - INDIA
    ...Cable Glands, Brass Compression Fittings, Brass Electrical Parts, Brass Flare Fittings, Brass Fountain Nozzles, Brass Gas Fittings, Brass Pipe Fittings, Brass Fastner, Brass Washer and Sleeve etc.
    Supplier of: Mechanical engineering - custom work | brass | metal pipe fittings
  • Our products include fittings, stainless steel fittings, liquid gas fittings, repairs to nozzles, stainless steel double thread nipples, swivel joints, dry clutches, and nozzles.
    Supplier of: Plumbing, industrial | fittings | pipe unions | symmetrical flexible hose couplings | sampling
    Jamnagar - INDIA
    ...a qualitative assortment of Brass Precision Components, Gas Cutting Torch, Nozzle, Oxygen Regulator, LPG Regulator, Brass Industrial Immersion Heater Flange, CNG Kit Part, LPG Kit Part, etc.
    Supplier of: Brass | brass forged components | brass cnc turning components | gas cutting torch | oxygen regulator
  • EWM AG are Germany’s largest and one of the most important worldwide manufacturers of arc welding technology. The family-run company from Mündersbach have been living their motto, “WE ARE WELDING”,...
    Supplier of: Welding work - steels and metal | accessories for welding | electrodes | plasma cutting | robotised welding
  • We are a small innovative company based in the south west of Germany. Our portfolio consists of a broad and unparalleled range of plasma welding torches, all made in our own production facilities:...
    Supplier of: welding nozzles | Plasma cutting machines | welding torches | welding equipment | machines and installations for plasma cutting
  • BIEGLO is a distribution company for high-performance plastics based in Hamburg, Germany. We are the exclusive distributor of the CoPEEK polyether ether ketone (PEEK) produced by Panjin Zhongrun. We...
    Supplier of: Plastics - industrial products | polyether ether ketone | peek semi-finished products | peek bars | peek pipes
  • Rohrbefestigungen Hammerschmid GmbH has been one of the most prominent manufacturers in the metal industry since 1971. In 1980, we added our main product group of pipe clamps to our range, which are...
    Supplier of: Pipe and tube fittings - ferrous metal | Fastening devices | Plain bearings | piping clamps | tube support clamps
  • IKEUCHI EUROPE B.V. is the European sales subsidiary of H. IKEUCHI & Co., Ltd. Market leader in Asia, IKEUCHI is a Japanese industrial spray nozzle and humidifier system manufacturer. We are the...
    Supplier of: Nozzles - ferrous metal | nozzle | air nozzle | cleaning nozzle | fogging nozzle
  • ...turbines, critical nozzles, MID, fan wheels, Coriolis and many more, with customer-specific viscosities and/or with real gas in accordance with the strict quality standards of DIN EN ISO 17025.
    Supplier of: venturi nozzles for flow measurement | Measurement - Equipment & Instruments | accredited laboratories | flow meter | liquid flow metering instruments
  • Our group provides products and solutions for thermal material processing in industry and trade. This primarily involves plasma and laser cutting technology, welding technology, welding electrodes...
    Supplier of: Shearing machine tools | Portable power tools | welding electrodes | welding materials | welding systems
  • For almost 70 years, we have been distributing laboratory supplies, disposable products for hospitals and accessories for microbiological applications. Our range of products includes gynaecological...
    Supplier of: Glass hollowware, laboratory and technical | Medicine and surgery - items and supplies | Disposable medical and surgical articles | Condoms | articles made of paper and cellulose
  • With more than 65 years of passion for technology, Olbrich consistently places great emphasis on tradition and innovation. We have endeavoured to develop groundbreaking cutting-edge technology for...
    Supplier of: Rubber - industrial machinery and equipment | Presses, hydraulic | Technical textiles | Paper - art | hydraulic punch cutters
  • For 25 years, Sprayers Elpis provides high-tech spray nozzles, made from excellent quality materials. The specific experience we have acquired in the field and our professionalism recognised by our...
    Supplier of: spraygun nozzles | nebuliser nozzles | full cone nozzles | empty cone nozzles | nozzles
  • SO.TEC is an engineering company which, for over 20 years, has been involved in the design, supply and production of air purification installations for smoke/oil mists and dust present in the air.
    Supplier of: Air purification - equipment and systems | Smoke extraction systems - fire protection | coalescence filters | air filters | coalescence
  • Manufacture of gas burners for home and industrial use. Manufacture of burners for wall heaters, standing heaters, bath heaters, gas stoves, bath storage heaters, pilot burners and spray nozzles.
    Supplier of: Heating, domestic - installations and equipment | Burners, domestic heating | boilers | wall-hung boilers | burners for industrial use
  • With almost 100 years of Aluminium wire making experience in Germany, Elisental is a world leading producer of Aluminium and Aluminium alloy wire. A dedicated focus on Aluminium, with fully...
    Supplier of: Aluminium and aluminium alloys | aluminium | thread | car manufacturing | aviation
  • Our History Fitex is a Greek manufacturing company in the chemical cleaning business. The aim of the company is consolidating as a dynamic and reliable partner in the Greek market. Achieving this is...
    Supplier of: Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial | mosaic cleaning | mould cleaning | cleaning products | tiles cleaner
  • ...service in application analyzing, model selection, problem precaution and trouble shooting Sonic nozzle calibration system ensures that every Comate flow meter will be able to match the accuracy promised
    Supplier of: Flow meters | industrial flow meters | digital vortex flow meters | thermal mass flow meter | fluids flow measuring
  • ...burners, enamelled lids, oven fittings and nozzles. We can produce all high quality alluminum and zamac cast parts of gas cooker&ovens​ .We are pleased to announce that our production capacity is increasing...
    Supplier of: gas hobs | gas cooker | Cookers | burners for cookers | household cooking appliances
  • ...air humidification in air conditioning systems , gas cleaning in chemical and environmental engineering installations , disinfection , dust suppression , coal dust control at transfer points , humidification of textiles , oil...
    Supplier of: Hoses, pipes and tubes - plastic | pipe extruders | pipe extrusion | pipe cooling tank
  • ...of volumetric and mass flow meters, variable area flow meters, nozzles, orifice plates, piston provers, standard vessels and tanks, and also instruments for metering of multicomponent multiphase flows.
    Supplier of: Industrial analysis laboratory | flow meter calibration | verification flowmeters | testing flowmeters | fluid flow measurement
  • The products includes Contact Tip, Tip Adaptor, Gas Diffuser, Swan Neck, Insulator, Liner, Head Assembly, Collet, Collet Body, Gas Lens Body, Back Caps, Ceramic Cups (Ceramic Nozzles) etc.
    Supplier of: Welding, electric - equipment and supplies | spare parts for torches | welding toreches consumables
  • ...Case, Drum, Strainer, Shaft, Barrel, Structures and various metal products.We are supplying the products for the customers in the fields of Ship, Industrial plants, Oil and Gas industry, Chemical Nuclear powe
    Supplier of: Boilers, industrial | heat exchangers for civil and industrial use | pressure vessels
  • ...Tank, Foam Sprayer) Exhaust Hose Reel Exhaust Nozzles and Fans Exhaust Gas Extraction Systems for Underground and Accessories Exhaust Gas Extraction Rails and Accessories Mobile Aspiration Trolleys
    Supplier of: Vehicle maintenance products | greasing and lubrication equipment for repair garages
  • ...rods suitable for mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium applications. The mig, tig and plasma spares shown include tips, nozzles, ceramics, and shrouds for the most popular welding and cutting torches.
    Supplier of: Welding, electric - equipment and supplies
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